Love Pain And Tears<--->When Is It Going To End?

Just Like A Lil Online Diary.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Well we got where we were going and only to see
that we are not really wanted here, which is funny because we are at my
Grandmother's house. I don't think she like's any of us very much. Well my
Dad maybe but only because that is here baby boy. I over heard my
Grandmother and her friend talking about my mother. Needless to say I am
kindda peeved off. Oh yeah and Tim has been sleeping ever since we have got
here. He is so useless. I asked him not to work this Saturday because I
wanted to do something Friday night, anything at all would have been fine as
long as we didn't have to stay in the house like we always do. But no. He
asked me last night is I wanted to go to the coffee shop, (of course to see
his mother GGGrrrrr) and I said yeah fine. So I got a shower did my make-up
and fought to get Cheyl to bed and then fought with my Mother to baby-sit
just so I could go out for an hour just for him to turn around and tell me
that he was not going because it was to late. I can't stand his crap
anymore. I lost it last night I couldn't stop crying. Do you think that he
would even hold me? NO that is what the big fight was about last night. I
know he doesn't care about me anymore. He always say's he loves me but I
know that the feelings aren't there. They haven't been for awhile. Anyway I
guess I better go for now ttyl.

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